love in a pub

A few nights ago I headed over to Scandinavia House with my friend Emilia of Beyond Bedford fame for a night of new music videos from northern lands (for the record, Emilia is the one with the Scandinavian blood). Sandwiched somewhere between videos from indie-rock names like Peter Bjorn & John, El Perro Del Mar, and The Raveonettes was the following fine, fine example of awesome.

“Love Messages From Overseas”–LEONCIE

This is Leoncie. She is from Iceland. She is an Indian Princess. She plays all of her own instruments. She directs her own (fantastically cheesy) music videos. According to her YouTube page, her music is a “lovely range of Aggressive and yet Sensual Melodies that touch your soul.” Other fine titles in her repertoire include “Love in a Pub,” “Sex Crazy Cop,” and “Man! Let’s Have Fun.” The best part about all of this is that she is completely serious. No touch of irony whatsoever. She is who she is, tight sparkly spandex and all, and she celebrates it with gusto.

And what was the only video that got a thunderous round of applause at Scandinavia House? No, not the critically lauded indie darlings. Yes, it was Leoncie.

she's icy and spicy.

she's icy and spicy.

I recommend “Sex Crazy Cop” if only for its refrain of “ooooh, cheap sex.”

See more of Leoncie’s talent at her YouTube page.


3 responses to “love in a pub

  1. I celebrate Leoncie with gusto. Isn’t Scandinavia House grand? xx

  2. mechanisticmoth

    That was quite interesting of a video, and quite a grand experience with the applause I’m sure.

  3. well, watching that video sets a sunny mood for my day. what a riot. thanks for sharing!

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