I walk. I talk. I walk while talking. I talk while walking.

And while I’m walking, talking, walking while talking, and talking while walking, I’m also a senior at New York University studying journalism and dramatic literature. I hail from the green suburban pastures of Sacramento, Calif. In my rare spare time, I nurse my sad, young, literary ambitions (such as making F. Scott Fitzgerald references in “About Me” sections of blogs), and take a stab at my theatrical past by writing, directing, and (sometimes) acting in shows. My preferred methods of procrastination include shopping for cheap records and stealing my mother’s polyester pantsuits from 1977. I spent the Fall of 2008 in Prague, where I discovered a prenatural liking for fried cheese, defended Ernest Hemingway’s honor to the best of my abilities, and realized that I’m a European soul at heart.

Pop culture fascinates me. It’s an understatement to say I’m obsessed with music, film, theater, food, new media, literature, fashion, and so on. You name it, I’ve probably spent a ludicrous amount of hours on the Internet reading up about it. I have a healthy appreciation for kitsch, as you’ll soon see. The goal is to have this reflected in this blog’s content. I’m also currently working on a year-long documentary film project about the secret world of competitive Greek folk dancing (think “Best In Show” for Greek people), so if I ever veer too much into the world of the Zorba Dance, that is why.

C'est Moi

C'est Moi


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