The Fruit Fly


Courtney Nichols would like you to know one thing: she is a fruit fly, not a fag hag. She’s felt a natural draw to the gay community since her childhood in Monterey, Calif., where her nanny virtually “raised her around drag queens.” About a year ago, she launched as a space to hash out her place between the gay and straight worlds. Now, her web site mixes gay pop culture with personal anecdotes, all told from a hip, honest, and exuberant point of view. This year, she was the first straight female ever hired by Out magazine. Now, the 20-year-old Lower East Sider is prepping to graduate from The New School with a degree in Arts in Context. Come fall, she’ll head out west to attend her own personal Harvard, the San Francisco Art Institute.

Okay, give me the Courtney Nichols bio in brief.

Essentially, I was raised with the notion to fuck the system up. That’s why I moved to New York.

What’s the difference between a “fag hag” and a “fruit fly”?

A fag hag follows her gays. A fruit fly leads her gays.

You’re an editorial intern at Out. What do you like to write most about?

I try to write about genres of music that the gay community doesn’t necessarily listen to. I’m not going to write about Katy Perry’s of the world or house music of the world. Even though I love those genres, there’s too much of that on gay sites.

What genres don’t gays listen to?

The term that William [Brennan, a close friend] and I made up is “game disco.” And we say that because there’s an ironic disco flair to it that their listeners do not understand, and “game” in the sense that their beats are very related to video games. So bands like Lotus and Disco Biscuits. Even Thievery Corporation is part of that.

You have a very distinctive sense of style. What “phase” are you in right now?

I just came out of my Fran Drescher The Nanny phase. Very tight St. John. Throughout my life I was a goth for a while, I’ve been punk, I’ve been purely Frenchie from Grease. I had the pink hair and everything. I would love to go through an Eva Peron phase.

Do you like to hang out in the neighborhood or do you go elsewhere?

I love Apotheke for drinks. And then I love my really hoity toity meals at Public in Soho with wine pairings. But other than that, I am totally content with going to Greenpoint and getting a taco for fifty cents.

You used to reside in Williamsburg. How did you like living in Brooklyn?

I really enjoy Brooklyn. However, I am a firm advocate that those people who think that Brooklyn is better than Manhattan are, in the words of Elle Woods, seriously disturbed.

What are you going to miss most about New York?

I will miss the skyline most of all.  I still get that Liza Minnelli New York, New York sensation when I drive over the bridge and see the Chrysler building.

Are you ever going to move back to New York?

I am leaving New York loving New York. I want to come back. I want to live a lot of places, though.

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