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a brief hiatus.

ahhh, the rustic outdoors.

ahhh, the rustic outdoors.

See that beautiful, picturesque photograph above, teeming with rustic wooden cabins, the air filled with the fresh pine scent that has inspired a million car air fresheners before it?

That is where I will be spending the next eight weeks of my summer. I will be doing something that amuses, and even surprises, many of my closest friend: directing the drama program at a small girls’ sleepaway camp in the Maine woods that, according to certain sources, is in the inspiration for the camp in The Parent Trap. Yes, I know. And I get paid to do this kind of stuff.

Unfortunately, what I gain in East Coast Preppiness Run Rampant Amidst The Serene Outdoors (Can We Please Play Croquet Mummy?), I lose in access to the interwebs and creature comforts. There is no electricity in the cabins. Ouch. The sacrifices we make.

Thus, I will not be updating this blog for quite some time. But I do promise tales of Summer Camp Glory to rival those of Wet Hot American Summer (well, I hope) when I return at the end of August.

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