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Roots (No relation to LeVar Burton, sadly).

I’ve been busy blogging for somewhere else. I know, I’m a traitor. But, this place that seems to be stealing all of my blogging time is the blog for my documentary thesis project. After three years of a print journalism education, I’ve turned into a filmmaker. Who knew? So I’m basically stealing time from one of my entities and transferring it to another. Which isn’t really stealing time, ‘cos it all benefits myself. Whew. Admission of guilt cleared.

My documentary short is tentatively titled “My Big Fat Greek Folk Dancing Competition.” It’s about a competitive Greek folk dancing competition that hits the West Coast every year with thousands of Greeks in attendance to compete in FOLK DANCING. That’s right. Folk Dancing. Much hilarity (and awesome performances) ensue. It’s also a way for me to reckon with my Greek past, something I both love dearly and try to avoid on many an occasion.

Proof I used to be a Greek folk dancer:


Check out the blog, which I update with the frequency that I used to give this thing:


a peanut butter sandwich made with jam

I am not really a sandwich person. I have never really been a sandwich person. The only two sandwiches I everĀ  find myself devouring are a Banh Mih Dac Biet from Sau Voi Corps on Lafayette St., and the incredibly overpriced but delicious Tomato and Mozzarella sandwiches from Think Coffee. And burritos. Lots of burritos. I don’t think burritos count as sandwiches.

But then someone directed me towards Scanwiches. Yes, one magical human being cuts sandwiches in half so that the inside contents are displayed, scans them, and then posts them to the Web, with a description of where the sandwich is from and what is inside, all in beautiful high resolution quality. A new sandwich. Every day.

Picture 1

My beloved banh mih in all its Scanwich glory. Those carrots make all the difference I swear. Yum.

And thus inspired by Scanwich and its goal of providing “scans of sandwiches for education and delight,” I will embark on a quest of Photoritto, in which I will take photographs of burritos. I’m currently based in lovely Sacramento, CA visiting the family for a month or so, which means one thing: Mexican food, and lots of it. Cheap, delicious, authentic Mexican food. So stay tuned for your chance to join me on my caloric quest to judge, and possibly discover, some of Sacramento’s best burritos.